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✿❊The Crazy Author's Story❊✿

Silent Readers please comment (˚▽˚)

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Fruitstyle designs
by Malionette

This is crazy_cookies' profile
Name: First Last
Age: 16 (96-liner)
Gender: Female
Orientation: ????
Played By: Actor Name

Height: ???
Weight: ???
Build: Normal
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Distinguishing Features: ???

Likes: Everything
Dislikes: Insects and fish
Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Surfing on the internet.
Personality: I'm a nice person but I don't tolerate for the sake of their attitudes. I'm understandable and caring. I have a phobia of fish, I'm scared of them. I'm new at writing fics but it's all related to Super Junior, so I hope you can take it. Feel free to comment too! I'd appreciate it so much!
LI love them more than K-Pop. If they're gone, k-pop is nothing to me. I like SJ much. I also watch EXO-K and M's performance.

I don't like Super Generation very much. It annoys me. Though I sometimes watch Girls' Generation's music video this doesn't mean I like them but it also doesn't mean I hate them. I just look at them in a normal way.

I'm an Otaku and lives also in the World Of Anime. My favorite genres are horror, fantasy, mystery, suspense, thriller, comedy and friendship. I don't likes are: Romance (Boy x Girl) and History.
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{this is my witty end tagline! whoa!}

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